Modeling Engine Ports using ANSYS CFD

Performance of internal combustion engines greatly depend on the shape of intake ports. Further, strict emissions standards have increased the importance of exhaust ports. Intake and exhaust port design happens at a very early stage in the overall engine development cycle. Any significant time reduction in this early stage of port design can have significant impact on the turnaround time of the entire design cycle of IC engines. The use of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) for port designs has gained importance over the traditional approach of using flow bench. This is because CFD provides better insight into the 3D flow features that are difficult to evaluate from experiments.

In this webinar session, the use of ANSYS Workbench to analyze and optimize engine ports will be discussed. Issues ranging from the right mesh size and type to new solver settings, shape optimization, shape sensitivity and parametric optimization will be discussed for engine ports with the help of few case studies.
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