In Silico Modeling of the Cardiovascular System - Webinar

Use of in silico, patient-specific models has become popular for both the design of medical devices and personalized therapies. In silico, or computer-simulated, models based on medical imaging of the cardiovascular system can provide invaluable data on the in vivo environment, where medical devices are deployed and surgery is carried out, and can predict outcomes of alternative therapeutic interventions for individual patients.

View this webinar to learn about applications of ANSYS solutions to pediatric cardiac surgery to treat complex congenital heart defects, interventional cardiology to treat lesions at coronary bifurcation sites, and interventional radiology to treat diseases of the peripheral arteries (i.e., in the limbs). Discover how the in silico, in vivo approach requires a compromise between the need for realistic boundary conditions to represent the effects of the remainder of the circulatory system and the additional computational burden (time and cost) this boundary condition representation entails.
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