ANSYS Discovery Live for Additive Manufacturing Applications


The marrying of engineering simulation technology with the technological advances of NVIDIA graphics is fundamentally changing the way products are designed and developed. When you throw additive manufacturing capabilities into that equation, you get innovation like you’ve never seen before.

ANSYS Discovery Live is a simulation technology that uses NVIDIA GPUs to provide instant, invaluable feedback on design performance. Discovery Live's revolutionary real-time solvers bring new possibilities to the world of lightweighting through additive manufacturing, as simulations that once took days to perform can now be done in seconds!

Watch this on-demand webinar as we investigate how ANSYS Discovery Live and NVIDIA GPU's work together to provide better solutions for workflows involving additive manufacturing. You will walk away with a better understanding of how:

  • NVIDIA GPUs are delivering the necessary compute power to deliver innovative designs.
  • ANSYS Discovery Live can provide upfront design guidance for every engineer.
  • Additive manufacturing design in Discovery Live is easy, fast and versatile, and is being used in the next generation of smarter, lightweight components.
You will see live demonstrations and better understand the many ways you can use this technology to design better products in a shorter amount of time.


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