Designing Manufacturing and Testing an Olympic Kayak: Could Anybody Do It - Webinar

Designing a race kayak is not a trivial task, as the performance of the kayak is influenced by both its hydrodynamics and aerodynamics, as well as its interaction with the athlete. Furthermore, a kayak’s design is a subtle compromise between its performance (speed and stability) and its structural integrity (resistance to drop/dent). Finally, the manufacturing of the kayak, possibly by blow molding or thermoforming, should be optimized to meet all design objectives (speed, stability and structural integrity).

Attend this webinar to learn how to use engineering simulation to model the different stages of designing a kayak, including its interaction with water, air, the athlete and any surrounding obstacles. Discover how multiphysics design with the new ANSYS AIM software — including ANSYS SpaceClaim capabilities for pre-processing — can be used in combination with the ANSYS Polyflow environment to optimize the manufacturing process.
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