Coupled Piezoelectric–Structural–Fluids Analysis - Webinar

Simulation of piezoelectric devices is common practice in ANSYS Mechanical and ANSYS MAPDL, but it is less common to model the interaction of piezoelectric devices with the surrounding fluid medium. The damping provided by the fluid medium and the flow induced by piezoelectric displacements can be an important factor in designing piezoelectric devices.

This webinar will demonstrate a multiphysics simulation using ANSYS Workbench to couple a piezoelectric solution in ANSYS Mechanical with a fluids solution in ANSYS Fluent. The System Coupling component of ANSYS Workbench is used to perform a full two-way fluid–structure interaction simulation.

This type of multiphysics simulation is suitable for modelling MEMS devices where fluid damping is important, such as squeeze-film dampers and gyroscopes. This method also provides accurate flow-field predictions, which are required in inkjet printer nozzles for example. A common design for an inkjet printer nozzle incorporates a piezoelectric material that squeezes a structure surrounding an ink cavity. The resulting increase in fluid pressure forces ink droplets out of the nozzle. This webinar will use an inkjet nozzle to demonstrate a coupled piezoelectric–structural–fluids analysis.
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