ANSYS 18 Innovations - High Frequency Electromagnetics - Webinar

High-frequency, high-speed electronic devices are increasingly critical for microwave, RF and high-speed digital applications. ANSYS HFSS software is the industry standard for simulating 3-D, full-wave, electromagnetic fields for such applications. Its state-of the-art solver technologies based on finite element, integral equation, asymptotic and advanced hybrid methods are essential tools for engineers tasked with executing accurate and rapid design of high-frequency electronic devices.

Attend this webinar to learn about the latest innovations in ANSYS HFSS 18, including a new streamlined antenna workflow with an enhanced antenna design kit, broadband adaptive meshing for improved accuracy and reliability, and the integration of our Delcross Savant technology into the new HFSS SBR+ (shooting and bouncing ray) workflow. Discover new productivity enhancements such as breakthrough HPC technology for faster and more memory-efficient frequency sweeps, and advances in 3-D component technology that provide a powerful collaborative platform for EM simulation.
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