ANSYS 18 Innovations - Electronics Cooling

ANSYS 18 delivers innovative new solutions for electronics cooling. Thermal integrity is a critical design consideration for enclosure design, packages, and PCBs that affect reliability and product lifecycle. Thermal impact on the package, especially from the IC, is a key driver for material selection, cooling and form factor decisions that ultimately determine the size, weight and cost of the final product. It is critical for package and system designers to determine the thermal signature of their system.

Attend this webinar to learn about important new capabilities in ANSYS 18 regarding electronics cooling simulation, such as importing chip thermal models (CTM) from ANSYS RedHawk to ANSYS Icepak for thermal analysis of the complete IC, package and PCB. Designers of high-speed digital electronics, and thermal and mechanical engineers involved in electronic design should attend this informative webinar on electronics cooling analysis.

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