Analyzing Fluid Film Bearings and Rotordynamics with ANSYS - Webinar

Fluid film bearings, such as journal bearings and hydrostatic bearings, support structural loads using high-pressure fluid films. These bearing provide low friction, low wear, low vibration performance and are quieter when compared with contact bearings such as ball bearings. Journal bearings are dynamic bearings with the fluid film pressure generated by the motion of the journal while hydrostatic bearings use a pump to supply high-pressure fluid. The performance of both types of fluid film bearings depends upon a number of factors that can be examined using simulation.

During the webinar, an ANSYS specialist will demonstrate how to solve for the static equilibrium position of a journal bearing (the fluid pressure balances the applied structural loads). The demonstration will include fluid cavitation and the effects of fluid—structure interaction. The engineer will characterize the dynamic performance of the journal bearing by calculating stiffness and damping properties. Finally, dynamic characteristics will be used to determine how the bearing interacts with the rotor system and determine the machine‚Äôs vibrational behavior.