Analysis of Composite Parts in Student Competitions

Join us for a free 60-minute webinar on the design and analysis of composites structures with ANSYS Composite PrepPost. This event presents software features and demonstrates how to model, analyze and post-process composites parts. The demo includes modeling a carbon composite car rim and air wing structure.

Teams involved in student competitions, such as FSAE, Baja SAE and Solar challenges, are making use of composites to improve vehicle performance.

Composites materials are created by combining two or more layered materials, each with different properties. Composites have become standard components for products that need to be both light and strong. Composites provide enough flexibility so complex shapes can be easily manufactured.

Engineering layered composites involves complex definitions that include numerous layers, materials, thicknesses and orientations. The engineering challenge is to predict how well the finished product will perform under real-world working conditions. This involves considering stresses and deformations as well as a range of failure criteria. Composite PrepPost provides all necessary functionalities for the analysis of layered composite structures.

The following topics are covered in the webinar:
• Composite components in Baja/FSAE competitions
• Introduction to ANSYS Composite PrepPost
• Analysis tools for composites structures
• Design strategy for composites structures
• Associative workflow for composites in ANSYS Workbench
• Lay-up definition
• Failure analysis
• Demonstration of carbon composite rim model
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