Advancement in Turbomachinery Blade Rows - Webinar

Current turbomachinery end-user requirements of higher efficiency, performance and durability often imply higher aerodynamic, thermal and mechanical loadings, as well as less conventional designs. To deal with the increased complexity, higher levels of simulation fidelity are often required. While steady simulation methods remain a workhorse tool, transient methods are now more frequently used. However, there is an associated cost. Transient full wheel analysis can determine the circumferential variation of the flow, and response of the structure, but such an approach can be both expensive and time consuming. Fortunately, single sector models, with the ability to reproduce the full 360-degree fluid and structural behavior, are available, enabling designers to study candidate designs in an efficient manner. This webinar will focus on the latest Transient Blade Row (TBR) and Cyclic Symmetry modeling techniques, including the effect of mistuning, which enable the user to obtain full-annulus results by analyzing only a single sector. This webinar will also present the usage of these new techniques to solve two important phenomena, namely – Flutter and Forced Response.
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