Using ANSYS Twin Builder to Create a Digital Twin of GE’s Haliade™ 150-6MW Offshore Wind Turbine - Video


GE’s Haliade 150-6 MW offshore wind turbine traditionally required regular physical inspections to determine if there were any problems with the turbine. By creating a digital twin of the yaw systems of the turbine’s motors using ANSYS Twin Builder™ and GE Predix software, operators can now monitor the turbine’s operation remotely and predict the remaining lifetime of components. Engineers on shore can take action to remedy any problems or schedule downtime for repairs, which is much cheaper than arranging for emergency repairs when the situation is critical. Watch this video to learn how ANSYS and GE engineers built simulation-based digital twins to monitor the maximum temperature and torque of the turbine’s motor coils to save time and money in the operation of offshore wind turbines. Learn more:


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