Simulation is at the Heart of Future Mobility

Our world is undergoing the largest technological transformation in history. After decades of innovation, multiple technologies and mega trends are converging that will revolutionize transportation and lead us into a new era of mobility solutions. In the case of developing electric and autonomous vehicles, nearly 8 Billion miles of road testing and safety engineering are required to ensure delivery of safe, reliable, durable, high-quality products at scale and at lower cost. Leveraging the right digital transformation technologies and implementing the optimal processes on the digital twin of a product or system to achieve exponential innovation is critical to develop electric and autonomous vehicles. Ansys simulation technologies give engineers the power to simulate billions of miles of virtual driving on a digital twin, which is critical for automotive original equipment manufacturers to test, verify and certify autonomous car designs. With Ansys solutions, the automotive industry can achieve 1,000X faster testing while simultaneously engineering for safety to exponentially innovate and decrease time to market. Simulation is at the Heart of Future Mobility made possible with Ansys.


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