Electro-Thermal De-Icing Simulated with ANSYS FENSAP-ICE

The performance of bleed-air or electro-thermal ice protection systems (IPS) can be studied with FENSAP-ICE through the conjugate heat transfer (CHT) between air, water, ice and the solid materials that compose the IPS. The airflow domains are separated from the metal or composite skin of the aircraft component;, therefore, all the ANSYS airflow solvers can be used. For bleed-air systems, a steady-state thermal equilibrium between domains is computed to verify that the protected region is free of ice. For electro-thermal systems, the IPS response time to the cyclic activation of heater pads is analyzed in a time-dependent CHT simulation encompassing phase change, heat conduction and water runback to accurately predict the amount of ice that forms, melts and refreezes. A wide variety of IPS configurations can be analyzed.
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