Digital Safety Workshop 2020

Ensuring that a product performs safely and securely as desired — even as its complexity grows — remains a complicated process. To meet these challenging requirements, you must validate your product across four key product development areas: functional safety and security, safe software, and systems simulation and virtual perception and testing.

Ansys’ software solutions help guarantee that you satisfy these core areas of focus in parallel using simulation and validation.

The Ansys Digital Safety Workshop will deliver visionary insights on functional safety, embedded systems and software and systems simulation and testing, applied to sectors including automotive, aerospace and defense and many more. This action-packed two-day event includes customer presentations and workshops. Global industry leaders will spotlight numerous topics including:

  • Achieving standard compliance for ISO 26262, DO-178C, ARP4754A & ARP4761
  • Using an end-to-end autonomous vehicles development tool chain
  • Conducting safety-critical embedded software development
  • Overcoming safety of the intended functionality (SOTIF) challenges
  • Performing closed-loop simulation utilizing virtual reality applications
  • Executing systematic cyber security threat identification and analysis


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