Bi-directionally Coupled Full-wave EM to Thermal Stress Simulation

From Dimensions of Electronic Design Seminar, 2012: The design of high-performance RF/microwave systems and components often requires consideration of operating in a real-world multi-physics environment. Understanding the interaction between multiple coupled physics is essential for an accurate system analysis. With ANSYS HFSS 15.0, we offer a comprehensive solution capable of performing bi-directional coupled analysis between EM, thermal, structural mechanics and fluid flow. This presentation will demonstrate the new capability through several examples, where it is important to consider not only individual physics, but also the coupled interaction. A typical design flow is demonstrated, using HFSS to calculate RF losses, ANSYS Mechanical for thermal and structural analysis, and ANSYS Fluent or ANSYS Icepack to analyze fluid flow. Data exchange between physics is automated using the intuitive design flow of ANSYS Workbench. Providing both thermal and mesh deformation feedback into HFSS where the electrical performance can be reanalyzed to predict real-world performance.
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