Temperature-Field Simulation of a Casing in a Heavy-Oil Recovery Well

The paper established the FEM (finite element method) thermodynamic model of casing, injection vapor tube, cement, formation and oil layer of the heavy oil recovery well. It was presented the program of the structure and thermodynamic parameters on shallow-layer ultra-heavy oil direction well with the APDL Language of ANSYS software, the model parameters could be arbitrarily changed to get the different thermodynamic finite element model. The paper simulated the temperature field of the heavy-oil recovery whole well, and analyzed the temperature changes along the casing, as well as the temperature difference of casing between the far and near the injection tube at the same depth. At the same time, the temperature changes of 3 typical sections in injection tube, casing, cement and formation was studied. As a result, the maximum temperature zone was found within 5m from the ground surface. The paper provided the important temperature-field data for the analysis of the thermal stresses of heavy-oil recovery well.
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