Structural Dynamic Capabilities of ANSYS

ANSYS is one of the leading commercial finite element programs in the world and can be applied to a large number of applications in engineering. Finite element solutions are available for several engineering disciplines like statics, dynamics, heat flow, fluid flow, electromagnetics and also coupled field problems. In the present paper we summarize the current simulation capabilities of ANSYS in structural dynamics. A general classification of dynamical problems that can be solved with ANSYS is given considering not only the implicit but also the explicit solution capabilities of the code. A useful feature of ANSYS that is not only available for problems in structural dynamics are the ANSYS Parametric Design Language (APDL) that enables the user to completely parametrize the model. With parametric modelling the investigation of results due to a variation of the input parameters can be done quite comfortably. Considering the solution speed of eigenvalue problems we focus on a few quite powerful eigenvalue solver available in ANSYS especially the QR Damped Method and the Powerdynamics Method that decrease the required solution time significantly. To show the general development of ANSYS into an easy-to-use software we finally present the drop test module of ANSYS which enables the user to perform any drop test in a most comfortable way.
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