Structural Analysis of Human Body Impact

The impact of firing a rifle on the human body is affected by human posture. The human model of shooting posture is defined by the action of the shooter. The shooting impact of the rifle is transferred to the human model. In this study a finite element analysis has been performed in order to investigate the impact on a human body of shooting a rifle. The model (height 170 cm, weight 60 kg) is developed by the finite element method using beam elements. The human body impulse is analyzed by the ANSYS 8.1 code. The human impact analysis of a standing shooting posture, shooting from a kneeling posture and prone shooting posture are investigated. In this study, the rifle used for the impulse analysis is a K2. The applied load for the simulation inputs is about 4 kN. In the results, the displacement and stress on the human body is presented.
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