Special Software Development to Customize ANSYS for Specific Applications

The ANSYS software has powerful engineering analysis capabilities in many application fields some applications require the user to have a high level of knowledge. Industrial companies may not have enough specialists of such qualifications. In this circumstance the development of special software (shells) seems to be topical. Such software should allow engineers not having sufficient knowledge in up-to-date computational mechanics to use powerful ANSYS capabilities. The ANSYS Parametric Design Language (APDL) enables engineers to create parametric models – this is the kernel for the shell software. A parametric model can be modified to efficiently solve problems of a specific type. For this quasioptimal model, a number of settings can be changed. There settings include required parts of the model, material properties and boundary conditions, finite element mesh parameters, and so on. Specialized shell software makes it convenient to solve multivariant and multiparametric problems of structural mechanics. The user-friendly interface enables the user to specify parameters, perform computations, display analysis results, and automatically create a report in required format.
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