Productivity Enhancements via the ANSYS Mechanical Toolbar

In today’s world of shrinking development cycles and escalating product requirements, engineering organizations must be more productive than ever. To facilitate this, design tools must be optimized for efficiency, having all of the necessary capabilities required to achieve meaningful and robust solutions as quickly and effortlessly as possible. This paper discusses the authors’ efforts to customize the ANSYS Mechanical Toolbar interface to provide design engineers with advanced analysis capabilities in an efficient, intuitive user environment. Designers are empowered to perform nonlinear analyses, solved automatically via remote batch server, with automated file naming, manipulation, and archiving. Further capabilities include the ability to imbed customized, auto-generated reports into a project-dependent location within Sony Ericsson's web-based PDM system, automated e-mail notification of solution status, and setting of all default Mechanical Toolbar options appropriately for problems typically encountered at Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications.
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