Model of Mass and Energy Transfer in a Clinker Rotary Kiln

The purpose of this report is the development of an application allowing the precise simulation of the processes which are involved in the operation of a rotary cement kiln, either wet or dry. This will be in use during cement production in existing kilns and in the design stage of new kilns, including other processes, such as preheating and precalcining. The length of the furnace is divided into as many sections as desired, the last face of the first section being equal to the first face of the second section, and so on. In each section it is considered: (1) heat transfer by conduction, convection and radiation (2) chemical reactions, including vaporization of the water content in the wet process (3) entrance and exit of flows of each chemical specimen. Every physical property and transfer depends on local (point) conditions. The results are complete maps of temperature and composition together with their variations during stages of kiln feeding and fuelling.
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