Implementation of Web Based Collaborative Product Development System using STEP, XML, X3D Emphasis on Mechanical Design and FE Analysis - Conference Paper

The pressure on organizations to shorten product development cycle time, the key challenge is to extract important design information from their CAD system in a form of model data that enables it to be distributed and use by all the departments across their work group and extended enterprise. The CAD models not only provide visual confirmation of the product’s features and configuration, but also streamline the design process. The value of the Product Data Management (PDM) solution is largely determine by the ease with which it can be integrate with other applications, particularly CAD systems. The PDM solution should be tightly integrated not only with CAD system but also with every application supports the product development process to meet the market needs as fast as possible. The integration between CAD and PDM systems at both application level and data level using toolkit of the CAD package and interface respectively is done for seamless data exchange. STEP (STandard for the Exchange of product model data) is the neutral format used for the data exchange. The data in PDM system database is further distribute to heterogeneous environment in the form of XML Schemas, which is key for inter-enterprise web based Collaborative Product Development system (CPDS). Hence, a framework to develop an interface program and web page to transfer the product data in the form of Extensible Markup Language (XML) for product data and FEA data and The eXtensible 3D (X3D) for visualization of 3D models through internet in anywhere in the enterprise especially from any CAD system to ANSYS vice versa is presenting in the paper.
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