Flow through Granular Dam Filters and Modeling of Particle Migration

Most of current granular filter design guidelines in practice are based on the experimental investigations and empirical reasoning. These guidelines do not explain the fundamental filtration mechanisms, particularly, the phenomenon of base soil particle migration into the filter under the boundary conditions of various influencing filtration parameters such as hydrodynamic forces, particle size distribution of base soil, particle and constriction size distribution of filter etc. Consequently, these guidelines do not give enough confidence to industry professionals while they employ such guidelines in real life situations. According to comparison of the fundamental equations and boundary conditions, the ANSYS function of temperature field analysis is applied to that of seepage flow field, the element birth or death technique with overlap method is adopted to calculate the saturation line site, in order to solve the problem of Huangbizhuang reservoir (in HeBei Province of China) earth dam seepage flow stability. Based on the result of the calculation, many reasonable suggestions are posed to help the management and reinforcement of Huangbizhuang reservoir earth dam.
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