FEM Electromagnetic Analysis and Thermal-fluid Dynamics Analysis of Gaseous He Cooling for the Capacitive Tuner of the ITER ICRH Antenna

The object of the present work has been a preliminary design of the Helium cooling system for the capacitive tuning system of nuclear fusion reactor antennas. The use of Helium, instead of water, avoids the risk of serious problems if the cooling circuit would break, but the cooling process results to be less efficient. The finite element code ANSYS has been used to perform several analyses, because it takes into account different physical aspects of the problem. An electromagnetic High Frequency analysis has allowed calculating the surface current density distribution in the conductive materials of the system and the consequent power load deposition. Moreover, a coupled thermal and fluid dynamic analysis has allowed computing the heat transfer by conduction and convection trough the coolant and the tuning system components, and the consequent temperature distribution. Moreover, the pressure drop and velocity distribution of the fluid has been obtained.
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