Development of a Modeling Tool for Collaborative Finite Element Analysis

In today's competitive society the difference between winning and disappearing might very well depend on who is first to release a new product or an update of an existing product to the market. The impact that this situation has on the design analysis department in a company is tremendous. It is a known fact, to everyone working with design analysis, that the demands on analyses from the product development and design department in a company are constantly increasing with respect to complexity, quality and quantity. One of the most obvious reasons for this is most likely that the engineering designers of today have tools at their disposal to generate new geometries and variants very fast and accurately. The introduction of fully parameterized, two way associative, 3D CAD programs has revolutionized the way engineering designers work today compared to the situation just a decade or two ago. The implemented Internet/intranet based FE-modeling tools will enhance the possibility for design engineers to rapidly and efficiently generate new variants of a given design concept. The tools are implemented with the aim to give engineering designers the possibility to add/replace predefined parts and/or components to an overall FE structure.
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