Calculating Smeared Material Properties for A SMES Magnet Coil

This paper documents a method for using ANSYS to calculate the smeared material properties associated with the coil structure of a Superconducting Magnetic Energy Storage System (SMES). This SMES has been designed to stabilize electric utility grid oscillations, such as was experienced in the Northeast in August of 2003. The coil structure is very large (12 feet OD) with many small turns of wire, stainless steel conduit, tapes and epoxy to form a very non-homogeneous composite structure. To evaluate the general magnet performance, it is necessary to substitute the details of the coil winding with a smeared, orthotropic material. The method described involves creating a detailed model of a small cell that embodies the structural details of the various coil pack components, and applying unit deflections to produce reaction forces and moments. These reactions are then used to calculate the various terms of the anisotropic material property matrix.
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