ANSYS-Based Accident Reconstruction on an Overhead Traveling Crane

This paper introduces accident reconstruction technology and uses it to reconstruct an accident happened on a 4 beam 125/30t×16.5m overhead traveling crane. In the accident, two auxiliary beams were crashed by the hook beam and were seriously distorted. However, the damage about the main beams is unclear. In order to analyze the cause of the accident, the models of the main beams, the auxiliary beams, the hook beam, the vehicle and the steel water ladle are built using ANSYS platform. It makes the accident reconstruction more real and clear. Nonlinear Calculation and APDL are used in this paper. When the calculating deformation value of the auxiliary beams is close to the actual deformation value, The rough loading value which the auxiliary beams bore during the accident is acquired. At the same time the distribution of the stress on main beams, auxiliary beams and other frames are also acquired. These data may aid in repairing the crane.
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