3D Finite Element Modeling and Vibration Analysis of Gas Turbine Structural Elements

This paper is dedicated to the topical problem of vibration reliability of gas turbine units. One of the most urgent problems during design and manufacturing of gas turbine units is the provision of reliability and durability of unit's joints by development and application of perspective turbomachines constructions with application of up-to-date CAD/CAE/CAM-technologies. This paper is devoted to finite element analysis of rotors and casings vibration analysis for various gas turbine units. In the present paper natural frequencies of the gas turbine unit rotor with varying bearings stiffness are analyzed for axisymmetrical model. Transient process of rotor vibrations after 4-th cascade blade breakaway is also analyzed. Finite element modeling and analysis of natural frequencies of full-scale gas turbine turbocompressors models and power turbine spatial model is carried out.
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