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Best Practices for Running Scalable, Cost-Effective Engineering Simulation Workloads

This Technology Spotlight explores the growing importance of application software in addressing engineering workloads and supporting the success of companies and organizations running these simulations.

  • IT and HPC datacenters (referenced hereafter as "datacenters") provide the infrastructure required to enable innovation, foster scientific discovery, and drive business growth. In working to fulfill this charter, datacenters face an array of increasingly complex and challenging issues:
  • New data-intensive workloads are driving system requirements, technologies, and applications that may substantially differ from those used in traditional engineering simulations.
  • Enterprise IT datacenters with smaller budgets and less HPC expertise need to support heterogenous engineering simulation and HPDA/AI workloads.
  • Datasets are growing larger, more difficult to manage, and costlier to move.
  • Data is being shared across environments (on-premises, cloud, hybrid cloud), geographies, and organizations.
  • Users are becoming more and more dispersed due to the impacts of the covid-19 pandemic and the related rise of remote and mobile workforces.

Datacenters rely heavily on their infrastructure partners to help them mitigate the challenges affecting their users. This is especially true for middleware (e.g., compilers, tools, libraries, system management, job management software) and application software (e.g., engineering simulation and modeling software).

Solving these challenges comprehensively is no easy task. As a leading provider of engineering modeling and simulation software solutions, Ansys is actively addressing these challenges and is well positioned to help drive and benefit from the projected growth for this important market, projected to be 9.3% and 18%, respectively, for on-prem and cloud from 2020-2024.


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