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The docq Platform: Simulation-Driven Diagnosis and Therapy Planning

To address an increasing interest for in silico methods in hospitals for diagnosis and pre-surgery planning, CADFEM Medical has developed the docq platform to lower the barriers preventing the large-scale adoption of computer modeling and simulation to help surgeons and patients.

The quality of a technology goes hand in hand with its accessibility. The docq platform combines easy-to-use software with sophisticated biomechanical computational methods to make it accessible to everyone, even those without specific engineering or expert knowledge. With examples of products and services we have implemented together with our customers and partners, we show how the in silico revolution can be shaped with our docq platform. It can be used, for example, in the digital verification of individual implants, the diagnosis and treatment of obstructive sleep apnea, and the virtual fitting of prosthetic sockets or the planning of surgical interventions for the expansion of the upper jaw, among many other applications.

Furthermore, we will give insights into our research activities and academic collaborations. We are working to develop new ideas and test their applicability and accuracy with clinicians, surgeons, hospitals, companies and universities. 

Speaker: Jan Hertwig

What attendees will learn

  • How to adjust simulation to clinicians and regulators
  • How to validate computer models for clinical applications
  • How to deploy simulation in hospitals

Who should attend?

Medical Device R & D sector


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