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Test Lighting Systems in a Controlled Environment

Ansys VRXPERIENCE Headlamp accelerates the development of intelligent headlamps by validating control law behavior and testing potential edge cases early in design. Delivering a physics-based solution, VRXPERIENCE Headlamps enables you to easily assess innovative and smart light beams with real-time optical simulation in a virtual driving environment to ensure your final product quality.

Ansys offers a complete modeling and simulation package for intelligent headlamps, including Ansys Speos for optics development, Ansys SCADE for software design and Ansys VRXPERIENCE for virtual nighttime road testing.

During this webinar, our experts will focus on how to streamline intelligent lighting systems development. Discover how automotive engineering teams can verify the performance of their complex headlamp designs, which incorporate optics, sensors and embedded software controls, across every possible driving condition.

Speaker: Josselin Petit


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