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System Simulation with Critical Software to Address the Future of Electric Flights        

About this Webinar

Current climate context and noise pollution in close airport cities, the high cost of fuel and efficiency concerns make creating a replacement power source for aircraft urgent. Electrification of aircraft promises to provide more efficient, silent and sustainable flights, reducing fuel consumption and operating cost and limiting the environmental impact.

To achieve this initiative, system and safety engineers use a digital safety toolchain that combines several interoperable solutions. It simulates and analyzes the system’s behavior early in the development process, as well as considers the different safety certifications from the start.

What attendees will learn

  • An overview of the market’s trends and landscape in electric aviation and technological challenges
  • System-level modeling of complex electric technologies
  • Embedded software design for electric motor controls and battery management systems
  • The operation of electric system modeling and closed loop simulation with embedded software in the loop via a comprehensive demonstration


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