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Steels in Mechanical Engineering: New Ways of Teaching a Classic

Steel is one of the world’s most essential materials with more than 3,500 different grades. Each grade has unique physical, chemical and environmental properties. With such a wide range of information to cover, engaging students on such a broad yet integral materials science topic can be a challenge.

Ansys Granta EduPack looks to support educators focusing on steel properties and manufacturing. The software provides not only a rational and systemic approach to materials selection, but also contains elaborate databases with most iron alloys and additional tools for visualizing material families and evaluating the performance of engineering materials.

In this webinar, we demonstrate an approach to present the different steel families in this complex world of iron alloys, and to introduce advanced engineering steels to students at different learning levels.

What you will learn

  • How to investigate the link between processing and steel properties
  • How to cover advanced high strength steels and their groups
  • The use of interactive phase diagrams for the examination of the Fe-C system
  • How to assess mechanical properties for high stiffness steels using Level 3 and the synthesizer tool



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