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Solutions for Deploying SOTIF – Addressing Automotive Safety

A new safety standard is raising the bar for automotive safety. ISO 21448 “Road Vehicles – Safety of the Intended Functionality” (SOTIF) examines whether a needed safety functionality is successfully delivered in the absence of a failure, such as performance limitations of sensors or systems, unexpected changes in the road environment, etc. 

While this standard is essential for verifying the safe performance of automated driving and autonomous vehicles, it now places a responsibility on engineering teams to navigate this new area of safety analysis quickly and efficiently. Where to begin? Join us for a webinar on how to:

  • Identify and address limitations and triggering conditions that may lead to SOTIF hazards.
  • Simultaneously meet the demands of ISO 21448 and ISO 26262 standards in an integrated workflow.
  • Facilitate the collaboration of diverse teams working to meet functional safety and SOTIF standards across embedded software, electronics, perception systems and other areas.
  • Reduce development time, eliminate redundancies and accelerate time-to-market.


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