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Simulation Drives Process Efficacy in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Pharmaceutical companies of all sizes look for ways to reduce cost and increase quality in an increasingly challenging business climate. Use of simulation and modeling (in silico design) tools is proving to be a powerful approach to help the healthcare industry optimize their investments in emerging technologies and accelerate the pace of innovation in drug manufacturing. Discrete element modeling (DEM) in general and Ansys Rocky DEM have emerged as differentiated mechanistic modeling tools to advance process understanding of solid dosage and the small-molecule drug manufacturing process. Rocky DEM accurately predicts the motion and interactions of discrete particles with each other and the surrounding boundaries, and can account for cohesion, particle deposition, liquid-solid interaction, particle breakage, etc. 

Rocky DEM with/without coupling with computational fluid mechanics (CFD) is increasingly used to simulate pharmaceutical manufacturing and drug delivery systems.

This webinar will provide an overview of Rocky DEM and its applications to several pharmaceutical unit processes including tablet coating, powder mixing, blending, drying, inhaler design, tablet compaction, etc. In addition, the webinar reviews the underlying simulation capabilities that have enabled Rocky DEM to bring the power of DEM simulation to everyday engineering in the pharmaceutical industry. The solution includes a realistic representation of particles of any shape and the ability to run large number of particles using multiprocessor GPUs to provide a flexible, fully customizable solver API. The webinar will provide a perspective on predictive capabilities of simulation and the applicability of “digital twins” as a predictive tool in the near future.

Speaker: Ahmad H. Haidari, Rocky DEM, ESSS


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