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Pre-processing for External Aerodynamics: A&D Applications

The aerospace and defense (A&D) industry has been at the leading edge of the development and adoption of simulation technology since the introduction of computerized tools. The reason is simple: The A&D industry works in a high-reward/high-risk design space, in which the cost of failure is too high.

An engineering success like the Space Shuttle’s first manned flight would have been impossible without the extensive use of reliable and accurate computer simulations that guaranteed all systems and components were working correctly.

Learn how A&D industry engineers can significantly improve their productivity with exciting new enhancements to Ansys Fluent in our latest release, Ansys 2021 R1.

Discover how Fluent substantially reduces hands-on development time and drastically boosts efficiency with a single-window, task-based workflow, and a dynamic Mosaic-enabled meshing technology. Additionally, real-world case studies will highlight how Fluent’s upgraded proprietary numerics make tackling even the most challenging hypersonic problems seem easy.

In this lightning talk, discover how engineers can raise their efficiency with task-based workflows, Mosaic-enabled meshing technology and a streamlined user interface to deliver more accurate results in less time.

Speaker: Phaninder Injeti

What you will learn  

  • Learn the latest enhancements for task-based workflows
  • Discover tips and tricks that enable users to create high-quality mesh easily for complex geometries
  • Understand how to leverage use of poly-hexcore mesh element types and parallel processing for faster mesh turnaround time

Who should attend

Team leads, Engineers, Product simulation managers, CFD Engineers.


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