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New Developments and Capabilities in Ansys Additive Solutions

Additive manufacturing (AM), also known as 3D printing, is a technology that builds three-dimensional parts by adding layer-upon-layer of the materialmultiple material layers. Due to its ability to produce more complex designs, minimal minimize material loss, reduce the amount number of production steps and decrease required requirement of less inventory, AM has been rapidly gaining popularity in recent years.

The growth of additive manufacturingAM is guided by the simulation technology, which  to accelerates and optimizes speed up and optimize the design process to truly make the most of this exciting technology. Ansys offers a comprehensive and scalable software solution for additiveAM, which minimizes the risks within additive manufacturingAM processes to help and delivers high-quality, certifiable parts.

In this webinar, we will go throughThis webinar highlights how Ansys is guiding the future of Additive ManufacturingAM through simulation. Best-in-class solutions allow enable simulation of the entire AM process from design to print, including determining the best machine, part set-up and material configurations before physically printing anything. The use of simulation also reduces the need of physical trial and error.

As Ansys additive solutions continue to evolve at a rapid pace. Additionally in this webinar, we will discuss and demonstrate Aa variety of new enhancements and features, introduced in recent releases, would be discussed, and demonstrated. The overview and demonstration of new capabilities in the his will include: creation of support regions (to optimize support to ensure printability of parts), part orientation guidance (For for achieving the best trade-off of time, support, and quality parameters), microstructure capabilities (to understand the impact of process parameters), new OEMs Supportsupport, including the automated calibration wizard (to obtain compensated geometry), user-defined materials, and others. Lastly, we will also provide a brief overview of the end-to-end additive solution workflow.

What you will learn

Overview ofUnderstand Ansys Aadditive Ssolutions.

Learn about Nnew developments and enhancements featured in recent releases.

Discover Ccapabilities to support the end-to-end workflow.


Speaker: Bharat Panjwani, Kumar Satyam


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