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In Silico Design and Approval for Cardiovascular Devices

The requirements for safety, effectiveness and clinical benefits of medical devices are constantly changing, leading to more uncertainty, which can result in higher costs and longer time for therapies to reach the market. Computer-aided simulations are proving to be particularly promising in accelerating the regulatory process and simultaneously can have the benefit of increasing patient safety by investigating scenarios not possible with traditional methods.

Virtonomy is creating a web-based solution for use by medical device developers that utilizes virtual patients for data-driven clinical trials, thereby shortening the time-to-market for life-essential medical devices, accelerating medical innovation and significantly reducing costs. This webinar will present the work of Virtonomy on data-driven modeling in the cardiovascular device design and approval process. Case studies will include applications for Ventricular Assist Devices (VADs), a Total Artificial Heart and Artificial Heart Valves.

What attendees will learn:

  • Get insights about the digital change in the field of cardiovascular device development and approval
  • Learn how virtual patients can be utilized throughout the various phases of the product life cycle to save cost and time
  • Overview of current products that are under development at Virtonomy


Speaker: Simon Sonntag, CEO & Co-Founder, Virtonomy


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