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How to Troubleshoot, Qualify and Quantify Noise, Vibrations and Sound Quality in the Rail Industry

This webinar is for acoustics and vibration teams working in railway industries, for part suppliers and OEMs.

Based on test measurements and CAE simulations, this webinar will demonstrate how Ansys tools are used to troubleshootqualify and quantify noise, vibrations and sound quality. Several examples will illustrate how to:

  • Troubleshoot and separate noise sources, based on experimental measurement.
    • Isolate orders, tones, inverter noise, brake squealing, aeroacoustics, transient parts.
  • Evaluate your component vibro- and aero-acoustics CAE simulations by listening; defect simulation is included.
    • Virtually assess how your device will sound and how a defect will impact the noise.
  • Couple CAE simulation with transfer functions, control scenarios and test noises
    • How will your component sound at the system or sub-system level?
  • Define and optimize acoustics and vibrations for an end-of line check on assembly lines.
    • Expand experimental test data set, define end-of-line check criteria based on sound quality metrics.


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