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Ansys x EUROAVIA – Introduction to Ansys

EUROAVIA is the leading network of aerospace students in Europe, counting 42 university groups in 18 countries, for a total of more than 2000 members. They are passionate about aerospace. Many also participate in student competitions, like the Air Cargo Challenge. They’re the best of the best, representing today’s influencers and tomorrow’s decision makers in aerospace. 

This workshop is the opportunity for passionate students to discover the value of Ansys as a leading provider of simulation software, and its contributions to aerospace. The group of EUROAVIA Pisa is inviting all the members.

The following Ansys team members will be presenting:

  1. Cedric Bellanger, Ansys: Introduction to Ansys (15 minutes)
  2. Cedric Bellanger, Ansys: Introduction to Ansys Learning Community (15min)
  3. Brice Segaud, Ansys: Introduction to ALH
  4. Brice Segaud, Ansys: Video marketing Aero (20 min) 

There will also be a general discussion about why Ansys simulation is key for the future of Aerospace (30 minutes)


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