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Ansys 19.1 Discovery Live Update

Since the commercial release of Discovery Live earlier this year, we've made several improvements to the accuracy, robustness and overall simulation experience of Discovery Live.

In this on-demand webinar we’ll talk about a major improvement to the technique of simulating fluids solutions, and illustrate some new display types that provide a fresh perspective on the near-instant feedback of Discovery Live. We'll also explore fly-through and perspective modes, which deliver a more virtual-reality-like experience to the physics phenomena in your 3D model representations. Combine this with the added ability to overlay multiple displays in an interactive environment, and it's even easier to visualize a design's performance with clarity never seen before.

We'll walk you through some of the other latest features, functionality improvements, usability enhancements and speedups included in this release. Regardless of the type of simulations you run or the insight you're seeking, you’ll be excited by the improvements in Discovery Live.



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