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Achieve Your Structural Design Goals Faster with Real-Time Simulation

Development cycles in the transportation industry are typically quite short, leading to design and manufacturing processes that may not identify each and every reliability risk. Additionally, traditional design techniques rely heavily on prior experience, meaning new engineers may not have the insight necessary to achieve the best results. How do you overcome these issues?

This webinar spotlights how introducing Ansys Discovery’s real-time physics simulation early in your design cycle reduces defects and improves product performance. Furthermore, Discovery’s intuitive and easy interface enables engineers of all types and knowledge levels to use it with little training. We will also discuss how Discovery leverages the power of the Ansys Mechanical flagship solver to determine if your “best design” achieves your performance goals.

You will learn:

  • The impact of simulation-driven design on predicting and ensuring structural integrity
  • How to conduct structural and modal simulations in seconds using real-time physics
  • How to leverage the Ansys flagship solver such as Mechanical within Discovery to evaluate design changes
  • How to expand you project to Mechanical for more advanced simulations and design validation


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