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Accelerating ADAS Development with High-Fidelity Sensor Simulation

Ensuring that ADAS and autonomous vehicles (AVs) perform flawlessly during any driving situation, including adverse weather conditions (rain, fog, snow) and different traffic/driving patterns, is a key engineering challenge. Estimates indicate that billions of miles of road testing will be necessary to ensure safety and reliability. 

Sensor performance is one of the critical factors apart from the control algorithm, functional safety, and electronics/semiconductors for safe execution of ADAS/AVs. Simulation-based solutions help to ensure high performance, accurate positioning and the reliability of sensors. It uses high-fidelity physics to predict the performance of sensors in all conditions including edge cases, eliminating expensive and time-consuming physical testing.

In this webinar, we focus on ADAS application development with high-fidelity simulation of sensors. We showcase Ansys solution capabilities, with a deep dive into how they readily integrate the simulation of ground-truth sensors and camera, radar and lidar sensor types, and how they can save significant time and cost on system validation. Additionally, we will discuss Ansys solution capabilities in scenario generation, automation and system validation including SIL, MIL, HIL.

Speaker: Avinash Padmappa, Lead Application Engineer, Ansys



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