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Case Study

Ansys OPTIS & Quintessence Yachts: Using Virtual Reality as a Highly Reliable Marketing Tool

"The Ansys OPTIS VR configurator is extremely accurate in terms of colors and materials definition, and light effects. It is also very flexible in terms of devices to support it: Quintessence Yachts will upload the VR on our website, and use it on mobile phones as well. Headsets are now available at affordable costs and can be used also as a special gift for our best clients or influencers.”

"- Mariella Mengozzi CEO / Quintessance Yachts". 


Power boats such as Quintessence Yachts’ AM37 are all about design, performance and technology. The AM37 combines the highest degree of technology and innovation in a unique manner that is sure to delight those who seek the best sports car features in a luxury powerboat. The association with luxury automotive brands provides Quintessence Yachts with a unique marketing positioning, which helps to differentiate from its main competitors. To enhance this, most initiatives are run in cooperation with the luxury automotive brand partners. A relevant part of the marketing tools is based on new technologies and digital communication.

Business Challenges

To achieve their marketing goals, Quintessence Yachts marketing activities are divided into two main areas:

  • Off-shore experiences onboard of the AM37.
  • Inland experiences, when the AM37 is not available or needs customization.

Engineering Solutions

The Theia-RT Real-Time Configurator allows testing various material combinations virtually, taking into account geographic location, time of day and weather conditions, to offer an accurate preview of a product’s appearance in a given environment. Its physics-based 3D visualizations are highly realistic, enabling users to experience lighting, materials and colors in fully immersive virtual environments. Theia-RT enables to create multiple renditions of the virtual boat, by allowing for instantaneous virtual updates to the colors and materials. The tool brings visual dynamism and real-time interactions - with the moving parts on board - to the configuration experience. The physics-based VR exploration, through the Ansys OPTIS Theia-RT configurator, thus becomes a unique tool to engage Quintessence Yachts clients in a full product immersion. The realism of the VR experience is complemented with Ansys OPTIS Genesis sound simulation capacities, which represent state of the art in acoustics.


The configurator makes it possible to explore the future boat before it exists and to pick the most favored options regarding colors and textures, even though the boat is not actually available, for an entirely customized product. The physics-based VR exploration offers a wide choice regarding the colors of the leather, the colors of the dashboard, the colors of the hull of the boat and gives a precise idea of the design of the future ship, in the blink of an eye. This offers a unique experience to the AM37 clients, who are able to make their boat specifications through an advanced configurator which includes many paints and leathers, as well as stitching options, in various lighting environments.

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