ANSYS medini analyze performs functional safety analysis in applications for automotive, aerospace and defense, rail, nuclear and other safety-critical industries. It is fully integrated with ANSYS products for system modeling, simulation and embedded software development via ANSYS SCADE Architect, the ANSYS system and software architecture modeling tool.

The solution automates the analysis and verification of functional safety for electronic control systems. It helps to implement step-by-step modeling, analysis and verification processes that conform to applicable safety standards. The result is a system architecture that accounts for the safe, reliable interactions of dozens of components. ANSYS medini analyze also automates the analysis of failure modes and ensures that safety mechanisms are in place to protect against them over a wide range of operating scenarios.

ANSYS SCADE Suite sets the standard in the global aerospace and automotive industries for system architecture modeling and automated generation of embedded software code. SCADE's proven, step-by-step method for modeling a robust control system architecture ensures that all critical components that govern braking, steering and other functions work together seamlessly and reliably. Software engineers can work quickly and efficiently to generate mission-critical code, with the assurance that they will meet both regulatory standards and project deadlines.

With these two specialized modeling tools, engineers across industries have, for the first time, a seamlessly integrated toolkit. Combining the step-by-step processes of SCADE and medini analyze will ensure the creation of system architectures that meet all relevant industry standards for safety and control — quickly and cost-effectively.