Meeting the stringent safety standards for autonomous vehicles (AVs) requires billions of miles of comprehensive testing to ensure the AVs’ reliable performance across countless road, traffic and weather scenarios — consuming considerable development time and cost.

VRXPERIENCE Introduction

OEMs are leveraging Ansys VRXPERIENCE powered by SCANeRTM, an open, scalable and modular driving simulator that enables testing against a variety of objectives and performance requirements. An immersive simulated test drive experience set within an ultrarealistic world, VRXPERIENCE performs exhaustive safety assessments, empowering manufacturers to drive millions of miles in days, accelerating development time 1000X compared to physical road testing.


Prepare for Your Digital Test Drive

Create Your Driving Scenario

Design your driving scenario
  • Simulate any driving scenario for any driving situation.
  • Import HD maps to convert the real world into a high-fidelity virtual environment.
  • Benchmark your product’s real-world performance versus virtual test track performance.

Design Your Digital Vehicle

Design your digital vehicle
  • Select and customize a vehicle from various types — including specific cars, trucks or off-road vehicles — as well as engines and tires to create an accurate multibody vehicle dynamics model. You can also choose to connect your custom sub models or other vehicle models thanks to FMI.
  • Configure any advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) features, including virtual camera, radar, lidar and ultrasonic sensors —and autonomous capabilities.
  • Define and test the robustness of the system under test.

Simulate, Test and Validate Your Future Vehicle

MIL/SIL Testing

Mil/sil testing
  • Perform massive scenario variation by leveraging cutting-edge model-in-the-loop (MIL) and software-in-the-loop (SIL) testing — on-premise and in the cloud.
  • Assess vehicle performance by varying vehicle dynamics parameters across countless driving scenarios.

HIL Testing

Hil testing
  • Leverage hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) testing to evaluate your electronic control unit’s (ECU) response to multiple driving conditions and its interactions with OEM and third-party systems.
  • Share HIL test data with ADAS suppliers to increase system safety and reliability prior to physical prototyping.

DIL testing

Dil testing
  • Get behind the wheel of your virtual vehicle and conduct driver-in-the-loop (DIL) testing to physically measure the performance of your AV and ADAS systems early in the design cycle.

Analyze Your Test Drive Simulation

analyze your test drive simulation
  • Record and replay your AV and ADAS simulations and explore data to further analyze system performance.

VRXPERIENCE Connected Capabilities in Action:

Ansys VRXPERIENCE Sensors enable you to assemble, test and experience all physics-based sensors — cameras, radar, lidar — within a virtual driving experience.


With Ansys VRXPERIENCE Headlamp, harness a fully virtual driving lab for testing lighting systems in a controlled environment.


Ansys SCADE Suite empowers you to design critical embedded systems and software development solutions for engine control systems, emergency braking systems, ADAS and much more.

Ansys Scade Suite

Together with VRXPERIENCE, Ansys OptiSLang performs critical sensitivity analysis for ADAS testing.

Ansys OptiSlang