Semiconductor 3D ICs offer the advantages of higher performance, lower power and smaller form factor. The integration of multiple ICs on the same package or the stacking of multiple ICs comes with several verification challenges. Ansys RedHawk-SC ElectroThermal gives you the ability to simulate multiple ICs modules that are integrated in a 2.5-D or 3D fashion. RedHawk-SC ElectroThermal can model interposers, through silicon vias (TSVs) and microbumps, including the different ICs. In addition to the IC components, an accurate model of the package can also be extracted and modeled during the power and signal integrity simulations. Typical applications of RedHawk-SC ElectroThermal are:

  • Complete multi-die concurrent analysis of a 3D IC/2.5-D system for noise analysis
  • Complete multi-die model-based analysis using chip power model (CPM) technology to represent ICs in the system
  • Power supply noise modeling through interposers for optimization
  • TSV and microbumps for true stacked dies