Manufacturing tolerances, material scatter, randomly distributed loads or other stochastic effects cause scattering properties of components or structures with mostly spatial distribution. Signal data such as load curves or data from measurement protocols (e.g. load strain curves, frequency responses) are also often subject to scattering or uncertainty. To ensure your product quality, avoid product recalls or meet safety requirements, you can take these variations into account in the design process by applying suitable statistical models and methods.

SoS® supports you in variation analyses by extending the capabilities of optiSLang to the analysis of field data, e.g. to spatial data on FEM meshes (3D), on characteristic maps (2D) or signals (1D). This includes the visualization of various statistical properties in 3D, the analysis and generation of random fields, the simulation of random imperfections and much more. You can detect locations with a high probability of failure or variation ("hot spots") and determine the causes for the scattering.

Statistics on Structures® i.a. supports you in:

  • Real-time approximation of FEM models (3D fields) for embedded digital twins
  • Freeform geometry variations with optiSLang
  • Automatic and optimal parameterization of spatial variations (e.g. geometry) based on simulation results or measurements
  • Mesh morphing (e.g. to create new imperfect geometries)
  • Analysis of statistical properties of components by displaying the statistics directly on the 3D structure
  • Detection of hot spots (potential failure regions, suitable sensor positions, etc.)
  • Evaluation of suitable quality measures in production chains (e.g. which quantity is to be measured after a production step?)


  • Statistical hot spot detection and visualization

    Ansys SoS provides a variety of statistical functions whose results can be displayed in 3D.

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  • Data-based Reduced Order Modeling (ROM)

    SoS offers the possibility to visualize FMOPs interactively via slider.

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  • Random fields based on measurements

    An integration in optiSLang is available for generating random fields.

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  • Random fields based on autocorrelation models

    In SoS, autocorrelation models can be implemented as parametric models.

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  • Statistics on Structures Plugin for Ansys WB

    For the creation of geometric variations, the SoS plugin for Ansys Workbench can access mesh and named selections from Ansys.

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