Ansys Extraction Tool Kit simplifies the extraction and processing of simulation results for optimization or stochastic analyses.

The GUI-based Extraction Tool Kit reduces the time and effort needed to set up a CAE process chain. It minimizes the intensive programming usually required with automated, batch-process extractions. With the tool kit, results can be easily extracted and used for processing in Ansys optiSLang.


The tool kit has a GUI mode for the definition of results and offers mathematical functions for single responses and signal processing. When introducing extracted result values into optiSLang, it is possible to generate all necessary files — including ASCII output files and optiSLang XML task definition files — for connecting optiSLang to a CAE process. When the Extraction Tool Kit runs in the CAE process, a batch mode for automatic extractions is available.


  • Batch-process extraction of response parameters
  • Export of ASCII, Excel, CSV files
  • Scalar, vector operations and signal processing
  • Mathematical basic functionality
  • Trigonometric functions
  • Linear algebra
  • Signal functions
  • Macro definition
  • Interface to ADAMS, ABAQUS, Ansys, MADYMO and general text files
  • Interface to optiSLang for results export
  • Boolean operations and conditions