EnSight Features

EnSight is a general purpose post processor for ANSYS and most other CFD, FEA crash, electromagnetics, DEM, rigid bodies and other simulation data.

  • Reads up to 32 models at the same time so you can compare results from different data sources or solvers.
  • Uses batch and interactive operations to run explorations during the day while EnSight completes batch post-processing overnight.
  • Displays multiple viewports to provide large overviews and detailed views at the same time, or to study multiple models concurrently. Views can be linked for easy comparison across a number of perspectives.
Higher performance. Realistic renderings. Enhanced display options. - Brochure

  • ANSYS EnSight 10.1 case linking

    Easily compare results between solvers or multiple runs of the same solver. The case-linking feature of EnSight can do this interactively and with very little effort.

  • ANSYS EnSight Animation of Silo Dust Collector

    Perform fluid–structure interaction and optimization post-processing, using synced plots, animations, and text.

  • Get better, faster flow visualization across a surface.

    Get better, faster flow visualization across a surface.

  • Transient simulation of two-phase flow inside a pipe

    Efficiently handle transient data, even on thousands of timesteps.